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About Clanlands

Clanlands is a presentation of beautiful and dramatic landscapes of Scotland, linked to Clan ancestry.

"You come from a race of men the very wind of whose name has swept to the very ultimate seas."
J M Barrie ~ Rector of St Andrews University

The words above were spoken by the author of 'Peter Pan'. They express very clearly the spread of those of Scottish descent all around the world. The bond to the home nation is never completely broken; a tender remembrance links the Diaspora to the home nation. Clanlands is an expression of the timeless beauty of Scotland through landscape photography linked to the homelands of the clans for those who wish to bring an image of their ancestral home back into their lives however far they may have travelled.

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Few countries are more scenic than Scotland. Underneath this windswept grandeur lies the story of the centuries of Scottish people and their struggle to live on the land. Out of economic necessity we Scots spread outwards from our home, taking our customs, community spirit, and strong work ethic to new lands.

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